Japan in 8 Days: Day 2 (Part 1)

My second day in Japan was strolling around Hakone. We woke up early to catch the earliest train, but actually we’re a little bit late due to the late-night-100-yen-sushi-feast last night.

View from our AirBnB

As we started our journey....

Why I love japan: even their fliers are so collectible

Starting station

We bought the Hakone Freepass (4,000 Y/person, valid for 2 days) which offered many attraction such as the cable cars, hakone ropeway and pirate ship sightseeing for free, and there’s an additional discount if you bought museum/attraction tickets by showing the pass.

All the directions are clearly written, no need to worry.

The view from the train

Cable car at Gora Station

From Gora Station, we rode the cable car with a high incline to Sounzan.

View from inside the cable car

The breathtaking view in Sounzan

Arrived at Sounzan, we faced a biggest disappointment- the hakone ropeway was closed due to the volcanic activity. We got only 1 option left to reach Owakudani: by bus (it was not included in the Hakone Freepass so we’ve gotta pay).


Extreme sulphuric gases spreading

The information board-it might be a geologasm for every geomatics or geologists out there

We’re both round

Then we continue to the Pirate Ship sightseeing cruise, since my husband is a big fan of Monkey D Luffy, this ride is a MUST.

I guess this ship is too luxurious for the pirate to ride along the ocean

Breathtakingly beautiful

The temperature was about 6 degree celcius yet the clear water tempted me to jump right away

The port

That was a good place to shout “Kaizoku Ou Ni, Ore Wa Naru!”

There’s even a duty-free shop

After we successfully daydreamed of being a Pirate, then we stepped out to the next destination-Le Petite Prince Museum. If you read the book, you’ll understand how beautiful the story is…. and you’ll also imagined ‘how beautiful is the Little Prince Museum will be?’

Outside the gate

I can’t say a word. I’m too excited once I saw this museum right in front of my eyes.

Every details matter

I did’t know what to say. That was exactly as what I’ve dreamed of—-amazing. There’s a photograph restriction inside the museum, but believe me it was really beautiful. It’s like a dream. Everything’s written in Japanese but there’s an English guide book and also there’s an application for your smartphone to guide you using English. But for me, the guide book is enough.

And we clearly have no idea how great Hakone is. There’s so many museums that even we haven’t heard of. So many beautiful gardens along the road that we only adore from the bus window. If we got another chance, we should be staying here-at least for 2 days…how lovely!

Japan day 2 will be continue to the second part……

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