Japan in 8 Days: Day 2 (Part 2)

Back to Tokyo from Hakone, we decided to explore Akihabara. Our main mission was to play Gacha or Gashapon as many as we like.

Akihabara the Electric City!

I guess this place is a little otaku heaven. So many shops selling anime goods, like the figma, action heroes, cd games, etc. The duty free shops everywhere. And the best part is…. gashapon everywhere!

Uhm...what are you looking at?

We tried the ufo catcher in Sega, yet we managed to failed all the times…so i guess we’re not really lucky. Then we decided to spent our coins on gashapon rather than ufo catcher. The price for 1 gashapon ranged around 100~500 Yen, depends on the type, the size and the character.

My husband was obsessed with Nami, sadly we didn’t get any :(

The 10th gashapon (maybe? I lost count!)

Enough with gashapon, we tried the ultra-kawaii-photobox which ended up making our face unrecognisable. So much fun in Akihabara!

Luckily, we found a shop that sells discounted figurines. My husband got some One Piece characters while I bought Sailor Moon brooch toy and a 1,000 Yen lucky bag of Rilakkuma. Turns out the lucky bag filled with 1 big Rilakkuma doll, 1 small Rilakkuma doll, 2 Rilakkuma glass saucer and 1 Rilakkuma bowl. I’m so lucky! ❤️

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