Japan in 8 Days: Day 4 (Part 3)

Fushimi Inari Shrine was getting very crowded in the afternoon. We didnt have any plan at all, so we did a little research and tripAdvisor recommend Gion as the best place to experience the era of Middle-aged Japan.

The crowds were crazy, I guess since it was the weekend. From the time we were going out of the Kawaramachi Station, all that we could se was the sea of people.

Since we got no plans at all, we were flowing with the rushing people in the middle of the crowds.

The river were so clean even we could see the fish

The best part was… we met the Geiko and the Maiko, just right after a 5-minutes walk with the crowds.

They said geishas were shy

We were so busy following the Geiko and the Maiko as they walked away, hoping to took some photos together. As we caught them up (they walked pretty fast with such a heavy-looking kimono), a middle aged woman tourist asked them to took a photograph together. But they refused by giggling and walked away (Or maybe they did not understand what she said?). Disappointed by them, we walked away and suddenly realised that we’re so busy to catch them up and ended up in the middle of nowhere in Gion.

I wonder what this kappa sings, and why is it alone

We ended up not finding the famous Gion street as we saw on the internet yet hungry while seeking for the way back to the station. Get lost in the middle of nowhere with no GPS while no one speaks english was kinda fun!

Next, we decided to stopped at Nishiki Market.

Best snacks!

The best snack that I had was the baby octopus with quail egg inside. If only the price were cheaper, i could buy dozens of them!

Time to go back to Osaka and restore our feet’s muscles. Here’s a little photos along the way back to our AirBnB place.

Is that an Okama on the poster?

My hubby’s favorite food: Unagi don

This fish taste so damn good


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