A Little Renovation for My Mini House

Last month I just had a little project for my mini house in Cilegon, where my husband and I currently living in. So, there’s an open space on the back of my house for about 8 x 3 meters, it used to be (and it should be) a little garden. But since we got no time to look after them, we decided to covered them with paving blocks.

But after that, there’s so many animals coming to the back of my house. Lizards, geckos, chameleons, and so many more. I guess they like being there and decided to build a family since they’re keep multiplying and I’m sick of them (i don’t like reptiles!). Also, cause I bought a piano that makes my house a little bit cramped, we decided to close our backyard into a new space for my house.

Here’s what it looks like before.

Here’s what we did to our backyard:

⁃ Roofing

⁃ Flooring with tiles

⁃ Painting

⁃ Trellis work

The new roof were used the same material as the existing. So we didn’t find any difficulties for them.

For the floor, I wanted something new so I did some research about cement tiles. My grandmother’s house in Solo, Central Java, using cement tiles and they’re really cool (literally cool, chilly), and it also gave the house a ‘vintage’ look. And now the cement tiles also comes in so many colours and patterns, you can always mixing them with modern interiors. My grandma’s house used tegel kunci from Jogjakarta, you can read about them here. At first, I tried to asked an instagram-popular shop for the price, and it turns out to be extremely expensive (even more expensive than a wooden tiles!). But with all of our persistence (hahaha) we finally found a shop with a very good price, almost half-priced than the first shop we talked about. The cons was, this shop didn’t have many stocks, they usually take pre-orders from their customer. When we got there, there’s not so many patterns options. But you should negotiate the seller, they could spare a little stock for us from the spare stock of customer’s that bought in a big quantity.

Since my house is very small (fyi, it’s only about 100 meters square), keeping the air circulation was very tricky. If we totally closed all the space behind, it’ll be terribly hot (keep in mind that the weather in Cilegon is super hot!). But if we left a space open, there’s highly a chance that the animals will keep coming. After thinking out the options, we decided to keep a little space open, but we closed them using trellis and wire mesh, so the air keeps flowing yet the animals won’t be able to come back again. The space under the open roof will become a little garden.

At first I thought about putting on patterned wallpapers, but then I remembered that my floors already full with colours and patterns. We ended up chose plain light pink paint. We used Jotun brand.

All process took about 10 days until finished. Quite a little bit longer than we expected (we thought it’ll be done for only 7 days, haha!)

Here’s what it looks like after the renovation.

Most of the furnishings were from IKEA. Well I guess renovating work is kinda fun, it’s like building a new gundam but you can choose the armour by yourself, haha!

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