Japan in 8 Days: Day 4 (Part 1)

We woke up in Osaka a little bit late. Last night, we walked from our AirBnB to Dotonbori because my husband was hungry. We did not regret it, actually we found a nice restaurant with a super meals. I just cannot remember the name since we were accidentally bumped into this place with no plan at all.

Chicken yakitori

Hungry hubby waiting for his tempura don

We’ve done some research about Osaka, and we knew that this city’s highlight is Osaka Castle. I didn’t know why I didn’t really into that place, so we decided to do a little hiking to Minoo Waterfall.

It was Saturday and seems like everyone’s going for a holiday. The stations were always full with people.

Starting point

Fresh air and a morning walk, such a perfect day


Autumn foliage

Hubby seems excited

It was around 9 in the morning and there’s so many locals went to Minoo for morning exercising.

Sadly, due to the previous typhoon last month, the access to the waterfall was closed on that day. We could only walk into a certain point. If we really insisted to the waterfall, we should ride a private car (which is not possible for us), so we decided to continue walking anyway.

Yet still, it was a road full of beauty. We could not stop admiring the beauty of the nature, the serene ambiance, the temple, the crystal clear river…. My husband and I stopped for a while in a little shop right on the point where the road closed. We bought hot coffee, hot enough to warmed our cold cheeks.

Day 4 will be continued in Part 2…. ❤️


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