5 Centimeters Per Second: A Review


It’s been a very long long time since I updated my blog. There’s so many things to do at work that made me unable to touch my blog. Yeah, working with a company is really not that cool, especially with all the tasks and the dynamic pressure.

Talking about movie, I am not really a hype. I don’t really watch all the newest movie in the Cinema on their premiere date. I prefer to watch a movie which already got a good score in iMDB.com and or Rotten Tomatoes (yes, I watch safely to prevent myself to sleep during a bad movie). I also enjoyed anime, and I’d like to review one of my favorite here: 5 Centimeters Per Second (Original Title: Byôsoku 5 Senchimêtoru).

As a Ghibli maniac, I used to watch a fictional movies with a super weird characters living in an imaginary world full with bizare things, eccentric clothes, etc. But since I watched Your Name (Original Title: Kimi No Na Wa), there’s something amazing beyond that movie that leads me to tried watching one of the movie with the same director as Your Name. First thing about this movie is, the beautiful pictures and colors.



This movie divided into three short episodes. The first episode itself enhance the beauty of Spring Season in Japan, with the main characters were still a little kid named Takaki and Akari, believing in true love. Then they were separated away since Akari moved far away, yet they still tried to reach each others by mail. It was during winter that they decided to met again before Takaki’s family also moved (that’ll makes them separated much further), but suddenly a snow storm came just right when the train started to depart. The train delayed for such a long period of time, they still got no mobile phone, have no idea about each others. But after all, they managed to see each other at the promised place (a train station). The story was easy to understand yet it fully represent the feelings of the characters. The train itself really represent the emptiness, yet the snow storm add the cold ambiance. I love how they put such a decent details along the movie. The second part is not really my favorite part since the plot is about a high school teenage lover, where it told more story from Takaki and his friend which was deeply in love with him. The conflict was only 1: Takaki doesn’t love her (I guess he’s still waiting for a chance to get back together with Akari, that was currently living much far away from the first episode). Yet still, the pictures were all perfectly presented. The scene took place mostly during the golden hour, which is a great transition from afternoon to evening.


The last one is my favorite. The episode when Takaki and Akari both growing up, living together in the same city, yet they lived their life separately, not knowing each others existence. From the first and second episode, the director took us into a state of believing that true love does exist, but in the end, we knew that they’ll never going to be together. The saddest part was when Takaki and Akari passed by the road they used to walked together, during the spring just like they used to be back then, but not aware of each other. Akari was engaged (or married?) with another guy, and Takaki ended his relationship with his girlfriend and continued his life as a salary man, and they’re living their own life.


I am not really into a romantic movies, but this one worth to watch. This movie not only told us about a bittersweet love, but also how cold the technology was, and an adult obligations and responsibilities, how we grew older and we separated further. The movie will torn your heart little by little. Not only from the story, you’ll enjoy the art of the movie as well. Also, the interactions between the characters was really great, not so many words needed to relate the feelings and situations. The characters also just like us- a normal person, an ordinary human beings, living normally with no sad background or complicated family, and this is why we could get straight to the feelings.

Watch them in Japanese, it’s much better than the English dubbed.

Let me know what you think about this movie.


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