Japan in 8 Days: Day 3

Our 3rd day in Japan was the day when my husband met his obsession: Nami. He was very excited on that day.

We took the train (we used JR pass along the week) and continued by walking to Tokyo tower.

Kawaii overload!

I wonder who managed to put on all of the head cover to all of them....

All the way to Tokyo Tower was full of surprise, we enjoy walked everywhere in Japan.

He was so ready

Look at how happy he was

We have already purchased the tickets online, via www.japanican.com to avoid the queueing ticket counter.

After we finished adoring Nami (my husband did) and Portgas D Ace (I did), we ended up strolling in Meiji Shrine. It was amazing that there’s a park this big inside a city like Tokyo.

This little girl looked so done with everyone asking for any photograph

Two grannies selling Takoyaki. Perfect for a snack during the 8 degrees celcius.

It was fun reading people’s hope on the Ema.

Since the famous Harajuku located just across Meiji Shrine, we walked there and seeking for any snacks on that rainy afternoon.

It was raining with freezing wind. Harajuku filled with so many umbrellas.

Done with Harajuku, we off to Osaka by Shinkansen. See you later, Tokyo!

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